We understand any hesitancy by the local community to have a new development in their neighbourhood. We welcome any questions you may have about the development and have taken time to come up with some responses to questions we thought you might have.

VivCor (the developer) is a group of families looking to develop a space not only for their families to spend the summers but for other families as well. We are not large-scale campground developers, and our intention is to be members of the community throughout the season, ensuring the space stays clean, quiet and safe for our families and yours.


Will late night parties affect other residents?

VivCor’s intention is to have round the clock security, ensuring the comfort of our campers and of the community that surrounds us. We will ensure local noise bylaws are followed and that our rules reiterate those bylaws.

VivCor also intends to keep as many trees standing in the area as possible, maintaining a natural ambiance and reducing the noise spread across the land.

Garbage / Pollution

How will you ensure garbage from the campground won’t blow onto our property?

VivCor will have plenty of garbage receptacles around the campground and as the property is meant for long term campers, not weekend camping, we anticipate our campers wanting a clean campground just as much as you want to keep your property clean.

Environmental Impact

How will you prevent runoff into the lake?

VivCor has followed all provincial and federal development guidelines.

What precautions will you take to protect the natural habitat? Will you be cutting down any trees?

VivCor intends to keep the land as natural as possible, providing a back to nature camping experience.

How will it impact Alexander reserve?

We do not anticipate any negative impacts to Alexander reserve, however will work collaboratively with the reserve, similarly as we will with the local community on job and contract opportunities such as Beaver mitigation, fire wood, landscaping and security.

Will the marshland be drained into the lake?

We do not currently have any plans to do anything with the marshland, however through discussions with the Summer Village would be open to suggestions on how we can redirect stormwater runoff to the lake to bring up the lake levels. This would all have to follow Alberta Environment regulations.

Concerns for the Wetlands

We do not intend to develop on the wetlands. As can be seen in the concept plan, we will develop in areas around the wetlands, leaving as much of the natural landscape as possible and in line with our biophysical assessment and Alberta Environment regulations.

Has an environmental impact report been completed, when will it be released, will it be made public?

A biophysical assessment has been completed and provided to the Summer Village and Lac Ste Anne County.

Wildlife corridors, will fencing be used?

There will be no fencing used to either maintain or stop wildlife corridors.

Beaver dams

As was done in the fall, we will continue to mitigate the Beaver dams to ensure proper flow of water to the lake.

Access to the Biophysical assessment

Provided to the Summer Village and Lac Ste Anne County.

What is the water setback policy?

The biophysical assessment has recommended setbacks which are being followed.

Does the proposal have water act approval?

The biophysical assessment has identified what Water Act approvals may be required and such will be sought as necessary.

Transient Population

How do you plan on handling weekend partiers or visitors?

VivCor’s campground will be for long term campers only, not the weekend warriors. We will also have rules about visitors to the campground, as we are also concerned about visitors who do not have a personal stake or ownership in the way the campground looks and how our campers are treated.

Wildfire Hazard

We are concerned about campfires and abiding by fire bans and restrictions; will you ensure the area is Fire Smart?

VivCor will abide by all fire bans issued by Lac Ste. Anne County and will follow all bylaws surround campfires. Furthermore, VivCor will ensure the campground is kept clean of dead brush that could act as fuel for a wildfire. We will ensure proper communication to our campers throughout the year.

Road Maintenance and Access

Traffic impact assessment? Will this be available?

It has been provided to the Summer Village and the County.

Effects of additional traffic and weight on RR13, will this be paved? / Existing roadways are narrow, unable to accommodate 2 RV if meeting / Who will pay for upgrades? / Concerns about Victory Road and Shedden Drive

There are currently no plans to pave this road, however a road maintenance agreement will be entered into by the developer and that will address road maintenance and repair of damage among other matters.

Traffic control through the Village

While the developer cannot control where people travel, they can provide directional signage and route maps to campers and visitors that direct them away from traveling through the Summer Village.

Water and Sewer

Where will the portable water come from? Will there be water access at each site?

The developer is still looking into options for potable water, which could include tying into the existing water lines or having water trucked into a large holding tank. Ideally the developer would like to have water access at each site.

What type of septic system will be used and where will it be dumped?

Currently the plan is to have a large common septic tank that would be trucked out on a regular basis. The septic would be dumped at an approved facility. The developer will adhere to both environmental regulations and safety codes.

What will be the process for garbage disposal?

There will be a common garbage area for campers to bring their garbage and that will be picked up by a garbage disposal company weekly. The details of the service provider have not been formalized.

Enforcement / Fire Prevention

What will be done to deter crime, who will enforce it and who will pay for it?

There will be 24/7 onsite security during the operational months of the year (May – September). During the offseason months (Oct – Apr) VivCor is looking into other methods of security which would include security gates, cameras and potential external contracted security.

Will there be onsite security?

Yes, during the operational months, there will be 24/7 onsite security.

What fire prevention methods will be put into place?

Hummocky RV Resort will follow local fire prevention guidelines including removal of any fuel sources (dead brush) and guidelines around location of fire pits and following all local fire bans. Onsite security will ensure fire pits are utilized appropriately and that fires are put out when campers vacate the site or go to bed. The resort will follow all fire ban requirements of the applicable jurisdiction.

Concerns about one exit from campground in the case of a fire.

Hummocky RV Resort will follow the safety codes act in regards to sufficient access and egress to and from the site.

Who will pay for the fire services?

Fire services payment would depend on the cause of the fire and the damage incurred. This would fall under the safety codes act and the fire services through Lac Ste Anne County.

Where will water be pulled from in the case of a fire?

Hummocky RV Resort will have either a fire suppression pond or a cistern.

Will Bylaws be in place?

The campground will have rules and regulations.

Effect on Existing Residents

What will be done to deter crime, who will enforce it and who will pay for it?

There will be 24/7 onsite security during the operational months of the year (May – September). During the offseason months (Oct – Apr) VivCor is looking into other methods of security which would include security gates, cameras and potential external contracted security.

How will it affect property values?

Our hope is that by working collaboratively with the Summer Village, the campground can bring a shared value to the community that would see property values increase.

What benefits to the community?

Job opportunities for adults and teens looking for summer employment. Potential for a local security contract, firewood supplier, landscaping, etc. More traffic in the community can actually reduce crime as there are more eyes in the community. VivCor will look into opportunities to increase drainage from the site to the lake to bring up water levels in the lake pursuant to provincial water act approvals. Opportunity to work collaboratively on road maintenance and potential upgrades should the Summer Village and County wish to investigate options.

What will be done to limit trespassing and vandalism?

The clientele Hummocky RV Resort is trying to attract are not the types of people who go looking for trouble. They are families looking for a quiet weekend away from their hectic lives in the City. Communications with campers can include statements about respecting our neighbours, walking the trail systems within the campground rather than walking to neighbouring communities.

Concerns about additional noise, increase traffic, guest visiting park residents (will this be allowed/capped number of guests), fencing, open liquor?

Quiet time will be from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. and will be enforced by onsite security. As part of the operations plan and rules and regulations for the campground, guests will be monitored with only a 2 vehicles per staff allowed. Open liquor will be kept within the campground with enforcement by security should guests attempt to leave the campground with open liquor. There are currently no plans for fencing as this takes away from the natural feel of the resort. The front gate would be locked during quiet time.

Process for resident complaints?

Hummocky RV Resort will have a general phone line for residents to call should they have questions or concerns. We will then take those concerns and deal with them onsite.

Lake / Recreational Activities

Why develop on a lake that is not active and doesn’t allow for water activities?

The intent of the campground was never to be a “lake” campground, but rather a natural landscapes campground.

What will campers do with their time?

Hummocky RV Resort will have onsite passive and active recreational opportunities such as birding, hiking trails throughout the campground, a playground for kids, an area for sporting activities such as soccer, volleyball, horseshoes, frisbee, etc.

Will ATV’s and golf carts be allowed on the trails/property?

ATVs will not be allowed on site, however golf carts will be allowed on the gravel portions of the campground, not the natural trail system.

How will campers access the lake?

It is not our intent to provide lake access to campers.


What stage is the development at?

As of February 2022, a subdivision application has been submitted and approved and an Area Structure Plan (ASP) has been submitted to Lac Ste Anne County. Some site preparation is planned for summer 2022 should approvals be granted by the County.

Has the Village of Sunrise Beach approved this application?

While the Summer Village is a stakeholder we will continue to consult, approvals come from the municipality in which the land is located which is Lac Ste Anne County. The County will ensure we have done our due diligence in consulting with neighbours through the process, with an opportunity for neighbours to engage with the County on the application at the Public Hearing.

When was the property purchased?

The property was purchased in 2020.

Where can a copy of the assessment be accessed?

Assessment can be accessed through Lac Ste Anne County.

Concerns that application was for agricultural use and now wanting to use as recreational.

The application for subdivision had to be under the current zoning of the property which is agricultural. This was not done to be sneaky, but rather following proper process in municipal planning. VivCor has always been upfront with stakeholders about the proposed use of the land, including their preliminary meeting with the 2021 Summer Village Council in Spring 2021.

Is there evidence of demand?

Through market research, we believe there is sufficient demand for a campground in the region.

Estimate of lot lease rates.

We anticipate lot lease rates to be between $3,500 – $5,000/year.

What is the projected summer population when all phases are completed?

Phase 1 – Approximately 90 Sites – Approximately 270 people
Phase 2 – Approximately 90 Sites – Approximately 270 people
Phase 3 – Approximately 85 Sites – Approximately 255 people
Total population assuming 3 people/family = 795 people

Will local contractors be used for the build?

The developer owns a construction company which will be utilized for much of the work. For any outside contracting, a buy local strategy will be followed.

Will there be seasonal jobs for locals?

Yes, these include landscaping, security, labourers, gatehouse operators, etc.

If seasonal sites are not sold will spot be made available for short term camping?

Campsites will be on an annual lease. We will not be looking at short term camping as we want the campers to have a sense of pride in their campground, taking care of it as they come back every weekend.

Will another open house be held at a later stage?

Yes, there will be another open house in the spring to discuss operational plans and update the community on the development plans.

Were other locations considered?


Who will collect the property tax revenue, how much will be generated?

Tax revenues will go to the municipality in which the land is located, which is Lac Ste Anne County. We do not know how much revenues will be generated as tax revenues are calculated by the municipality.

Will the public be notified when Lac St Anne provides a date for the public hearing?

I believe Lac Ste Anne County will provide notice of the public hearing to all local residents.

Will it have its own postal service?


Is there currently any conflicts of interest between VivCorp, Lac Ste Anne Planning Department and/or Council?


Will there be a playground or boardwalks?

There will be a playground and a trail system throughout the site.

Will it be gated or open access?


Will lot owners have their own insurance?

We assume those that lease lots will have insurance on their own assets, but we will not require them to carry anything further than their own personal insurance.

Will there be winter RV storage?

Yes, people will likely leave their RV’s on their sites over the winter.

Will the owner of the resort be on site or will a manger be hired?

The owner will be onsite most days along with a site manager and onsite security.

Will campers be allowed add other outbuildings to their lot?

An outbuilding will be allowed, subject to architectural guidelines and covenants.

Will firewood be on site?

Firewood will be provided by the resort, most likely at a cost.

When will the Area Structure Plan be provided to the County?

We anticipate ASP submission to the County by the end of February.

Will a store be on site?

Currently there are no plans for an onsite store. Should future plans evolve to include an onsite store, the developer will follow land use bylaw and permitting requirements.

Will park models be allowed?

The resort is for temporary structures, which sit on a temporary foundation (ie. Axles). No permanent foundations will be allowed. Based on that, park models would be considered on a discretionary basis provided it meets the architectural covenants and guidelines.